Our Mission

We utilize STEAM to co-create spaces to empower youth to affirm their cultural identity, grow in social-emotional learning, and explore entrepreneurship.

About Us

In 2020, as the world was recovering from the deep wounds of the COVID-19 pandemic and was shaken by the social uproar following the tragic death of George Floyd. The emotions were raw, and the need for change was palpable. During this time of global upheaval, Valencia, while pursuing her Ph.D. in educational equity at NCSU, found herself at a crossroads. When asked about her post-doctorate aspirations, she felt a profound desire to ensure her research wasn't merely academic but transformative.

The inspiration didn't stop there. Valencia's vision was rooted in honoring the work of past educators and her personal experiences. She envisioned a non-profit that would not only address the inequities of the past but pave the way for a brighter, inclusive future. She imagined a world where every individual, regardless of their background, would have an equal shot at success and upward mobility.

EA Leadership - Emily on left, Valencia in middle, and Amanda on right.

Reaching out to Emily and Amanda, two cherished friends and fellow educators, was the natural next step. Their collective educational background—Valencia as a STEM coach, Amanda gracing elementary classrooms, and Emily imparting Spanish lessons—made them the perfect trio to spearhead this mission. When Valencia shared her idea, the response was an immediate and enthusiastic "All in!" from both.

Together, this dynamic trio recognized their unique strengths and shared commitment to educational equity. Their united goal is to empower people who have been marginalized, shift the narrative for those historically pushed to the periphery, and ignite the spark of inner genius in every student. And thus, Empower All was born—a testament to resilience, unity, and an unwavering belief in the potential of every individual.

Core Values

EA Team at an outdoor partner community event - Pay What You Can Food Truck Rodeo.


We design curriculum that elevates student experiences, amplifies their voices, and makes education more engaging and relevant.


We are committed to equity, ensuring everyone can access learning opportunities that provide pathways to success.


We prioritize relationships that establish inclusive spaces where every student feels heard, seen, and assured they belong.


We aim to disrupt existing silos by building strong communities that contribute to equitable systems.


We foster collective healing through courageous conversations that confront uncomfortable truths.

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