Junior Board

Students who aid in the mission of Empowering All to be fully human.

Display of EA cookies at S.M.A.S.H events.

We amplify the voices of our young people by creating a safe space in which young people can speak freely to express their thoughts, visions, and aspirations to bring forth positive change within the community. We value young people as both subject matter experts and active participants who can speak for themselves; therefore, we actively listen to youth to learn about their school and life experiences, as it is an important part of creating the community environment we value.

We invite middle & high school students to join our team. As Junior Board members, students will aid in the mission of becoming fully human change agents in our community.

Junior Board Members

Asha Wade
Isabelle Torres
Houston Hooker
Jose Melbert
Jordan Melbert
Kendall Hampton
Aleah McCall

Carter Hampton
Jayden Hargett
Na'Zayiah Moss
Anya Trivedi (Intern)
Caroline Wang (Intern)
Jayden Hargett
Malone Hicks

Junior Board Member Activities

Jr. Board member - Isabelle

Attend monthly
board meetings

Jr. Board Team volunteering at A Place At the Table. Maggie on left, Raquel in middle, Chandler on right.

Volunteer at
community events

Jr. Board Team leading Advocacy work at Boys & Girls Club. Asha on left, Raquel in middle, Maggie on right.

Lead social
justice initiatives

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