Our Model

All of our programs and initiatives are designed to create STEAM equity and intentional discovery, creating space for individuals to discover their unique identity.

Youth engaged in an outdoor STEAM challenge.


We engage K-8 students in a week-long adventure of hands-on, inquiry-driven learning across all STEAM disciplines. It nurtures creativity and curiosity in a dynamic, co-constructed educational environment where students actively participate in both teaching and learning.

On-Site Facilitation

We guide on-site gatherings using our customized EA design process and engaging STEAM challenges. Enrich core education across grade levels through hands-on experiences, fostering deep learning, community bonds, and individual self-discovery with comprehensive materials.

Educators engaged in EA STEAM challenge, led by EA Team.


We blend STEAM and Hip-Hop with mental health discussions in quarterly Fire-Side Chats and an Annual Summit, fostering a co-constructive learning space for community empowerment and culturally sustainable education.

We equip learning communities by integrating STEAM, mental health, and hip-hop and through transformative community connections.

We are experts in equity and STEAM education

Our team members are seasoned professionals with a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of inclusive teaching practices. They are adept at integrating cutting-edge STEAM content with equity-driven approaches, ensuring all learners can access top-tier, innovative education.

EAI Team at STEAM Day Event. Valencia on left, Amanda in middle, Emily on right.